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Bride & Groom

The couple of the moment have their say . . .

The Bride: Laura Anne Ackley

Laura is one of a rare breed: a native Californian. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended high school in Sacramento. A graduate of UC Berkeley (twice!) and Harvard's Graduate School of Design, Laura has travelled to South and Central America and Europe. However, it took a random trip to a San Franciso Japanese restaurant to meet her true love. Laura works as a 3D computer graphics instuctor and is hoping to have her Master's thesis on the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915 published. She enjoys going on archeological digs, driving around in her '66 red convertible Ford Mustang, dancing about to New Wave music and lavishing adoration upon her cat, Murphy. She has the nasty habit of eating only the heads of chocolate bunnies, leaving a trail of decapitated carcasses in her wake. The bodies contain all the calories, you see.

The Groom: Sander Cornelis Temme

Sander grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where he, consecutively, wanted to become a fireman, a Mighty Pirate and a train operator when he grew up. It took until senior high school for the other kids to beat some sense into him. Sander attended the Physics School at the University of Amsterdam where he graduated as a Master of Science. After completing his degree he repaired to Australia for a year and developed a fondness for wide open spaces, Victoria Bitter and six foot high, glassy waves with a land breeze. Upon his return, Sander delved straight into the budding Internet economy and stayed submerged until he was lured to California by the woman of his dreams. He now works in the software industry in San Francisco.