Bridal Party
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Without further ado, let's introduce the cast.

Jeroen Temme -- Best Man

He's my brother, so we go back a few years. A year and a half ago, I was witness at his wedding and he graciously agreed to return the favour. We used to make fun of Jeroen for his one-sentence e-mails. Now, he sends two-word e-mails.

(In alphabetical order)

Axel Roest -- Groomsman

I met Axel at the University of Amsterdam, where we worked together to organize the 1990 edition of the International Conference for Physics Students. Bart, Axel and I roamed the hallowed halls of the NASA POCC at MSFC during STS-42. Hallowed, that is... they were actually kinda skanky. But they had nice doors that went zoof. And Wall Clock Time really meant something. Most recently, Axel and I were on the board of VAMP, the Dutch Association of Mac Programmers that likes its Dutch acronym better than its English one.

Dirk-Willem van Gulik -- Groomsman

Dirk was also on the board of the 1990 ICPS. In 1991, we attended the next ICPS in Vienna. Last year, Dirk brought me to Covalent Technologies in San Francisco and gave me a unique opportunity to use what I learned in physics school for network- and software performance analysis.

Jonathan Ackley -- Groomsman

The brother of the bride, Jonathan is a brilliant and funny guy. He designed the Comedy - Horror - Swashbuckling - Pirate - Adventure game Curse of Monkey Island, which happens to be full of Ackley family in-jokes. Ja, I don't think La has forgiven you the magic wand scene yet. Today, he works for Disney and gets to tell online game designers what's fun.

Finally, groomsmen wouldn't be groomsmen if they weren't perfectly groomed. We have provided these tuxedo measurement cards.