Bridal Party
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Parents of the Bride

Michael Phillip Ackley
Nancy Anne Petersen Ackley
Married: January 30, 1966

Parents of the Groom

Nicolaas Maria Temme
Margaretha Johanna Maria Temme-Schipper
Married: August 31, 1965

Personal Note to Laura from her Dad

Dearest Darling Daughter,

Here are some freedoms gained when you find and marry you true love:

Freedom from loneliness.

Freedom from the horrors of dating.

Freedom to express your innermost thoughts, feelings and musings without fear of censure or rejection.

Freedom from doubt about your worthiness and lovableness.

Freedom to take professional and artistic chances, because you are sure of emotional and material support.

Freedom to fail, because your true love will lift you up.

Freedom to give freely of yourself, in the selfish knowledge that all you give will be returned to you, interest compounded, two-fold from your spouse, two-fold from your children — should you be a fortunate as we.


(© 2002 Michael P. Ackley; All rights reserved; Used by permission)