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Laura introduces her bridesmaids:

Mary Joyce (Doctor Mare, MJ Dekay, Imjay) -- Maid of Honor

While I always have been fortunate to have wonderful girl friends, Mary has been with me through thick and thin. She reached out to me in college and chose me as her roommate when I was at loose ends. It is Mary with whom I have shared many important adventures and crucial moments in our lives. I like to think we are best friends because we cherish each other's difference rather than being exactly like one another.

Casey Donahue Ackley -- Matron of Honor

Aside from being wonderful enough to marry my little bro', I always like to tell people, "Oh, Casey was a friend of mine even before she met Jonathan-- she's a great sister-in-law!" I would want Casey in my wedding party even if she weren't "related." Over almost the last decade I've really enjoyed having a sister without the bother of growing up with one! I love going shopping with Casey, or just hanging out with her for lunch. She is also hilarious and I miss her now that she's in So-Cal. And, of course, you will all get to meet the fabulous, darling Madeleine Skye Ackley (now 1 year) before the wedding!

(In Alphabetical Order)

Rebecca Moutray Donaldson -- Bridal Attendant

So she's married-- I STILL want her in my wedding! I met Rebecca at Autodesk where her "raunchy laugh" often rang through the hushed atmosphere of Technical Support. Of course, that laugh which is so in character is at odds with Rebecca's girl-next-door beauty! We became friends just after I lost Aaron, and she was amazingly supportive for someone I'd just met. We've had our share of adventures, and she and Nick have introduced me to many marvelous folks at their great Merrygeek Cottage parties. Rebecca is, in addition to being technical-entrepeneur-woman, is a talented actress and has recently appeared in a series on one-act plays, including as Medea in "Medea" by Wendy Wasserstein and Christopher Durang.

Miranda McGill -- Bridal Attendant

I met Miranda in a class at Harvard when she "cross-registered" from M.I.T. Little did I know that first day of the second semester how close we'd get in just one semester. A Liverpudlian with an "upper crust" accent, Miranda and I share our love of design, adorable blonde men, funky clothes, great shoes, etc. I am really happy that Miranda will be part of the wedding because I feel privileged to "share" her with my West Coast friends. This is a woman who "plays along at home" with Junkyard Wars! Currently working as a researcher for M.I.T. after finishing her second Master's degree in architecture, she is truly brilliant and funny, and I hope our friendship and collaboration will extend far into the future.

Lisa Marie Sardegna -- Bridal Attendant

Another dear friend and roommate from Cal-- we almost killed each other living together, but have always emerged the best of friends. Yet another fantastically intelligent person (can we tell what I value in a friend?), she speaks a few languages, does incredible art, gives amazing dinners, studies chemistry and Walks Like an Egyptian. (And she has also given me some great gifts, like the incredible pie dish and "archiblocks.") I've been through a lot with Lisa, and she with me, and I'm thrilled that she will be a bridesmaid!! This will be yet another episode in our enduring friendship.